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"Top Notch Treatment and Care"

As an Air Force retiree living and working in Seoul for the past 7
years finding quality dental care was an issue at times until I found
the A+ Dental Clinic. A+ Dental Clinic staff is very friendly and
focused on providing American standard quality care at very reasonable
cost compared to the states.

My Korean, to say the least is by no means functional, but the clinic
has an English coordinator, Joyce who is available to answer any
questions.  Joyce is pleasant and professional and does an outstanding
job of making you feel reassured and informed of your treatment
options, she cares about those she assist.

The clinic is also user friendly providing affordable care and several
payment options. They work with US insurance companies and are Tricare
approved provider.  I had no problems processing my claim.

The clinic is military friendly and provides a free dental cleaning to
veterans on veteran's application day!  To sum it all up A+ Dental
Clinic is top notch and provides outstanding care at the highest
standards. It's like going to a dental office in the states without
the higher cost and receiving first class treatment and dental care.
Best in Seoul

Tom R, USA