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"They went above and beyond the level of care that would be given in my home country at every step of the way."

I highly recommend A+ Dental Clinic to anyone after the exceptional and personalized care that I have received from them in these past two years.

I've always had overcrowding and problems with my lower jaw but believed that it would be too much of a hard budgeting expense right after university. I wanted to come to Korea to experience the culture, not be stuck in my house the entire time!

What I found at this clinic was even better than expected. Joyce, Dr. Kim, and Dr. Hwang made a huge impression right away, and we were most impressed with the way they were all able to balance professionalism and friendship. I've always felt like I was going to visit friends every time I had an appointment, and their easy-going nature made it enjoyable to go. Dr. Kim explained during my free consultation all the routes that would be possible or not possible in my case, and I chose to go with the wire braces with orthognatic (lower jaw) surgery. The surgery was done half way through the process by a maxillofacial surgeon, and Aplus clinic basically handled all the details for me. In total, I probably saved 30-40,000 CAD by getting orthodontic work done in Korea.

They went above and beyond the level of care that in my opinion, would be given in my home country at every step of the way, and even sending me an emergency package when I had to return to Canada when my retainer became accidentally chipped. I've now completed my orthodontic work, and celebrated by cutting my hair from my lower back (which I feel I was hiding behind) to an edgy pixie cut (which feels more like me! A perfect way to show off a new profile and smile).

If you think orthodontic work is impossible for your situation, Aplus will find a way to make it work in your life. 

Miss Smith, Canada